For Start Ups

Big Idea Consulting gets start ups off the ground. Our practical approach and partnering options bring ideas alive and converts them into real functioning enterprises. As entrepreneurs, we have knowledge and direct experience having started several successful businesses.

We will develop a solid business strategy with you, we will develop your business plan together. We will identify funding options and get you pitch ready. We will get you up and running. 

Our existing network gives you access to a range of valuable resources, including manufacturing in China.

We will listen carefully to you and together we will develop a compelling business with a clearly defined target market, marketing plan, distribution plan, and funding in place. 

New Products, New Markets

Big Idea Consulting have a particular speciality in the development of new products and the sale of these products into international markets. For businesses or entrepreneurs seeking to do either, we are the essential partner that can be the difference in success or failure.

Product design can be a bottomless pit of expense and wasted effort. Sourcing competitive quality manufacturing is challenging and incredibly important. Big Idea Consulting have been there. Our direct experience of developing products from concept through to design, prototype development and eventually to manufacture in Ireland and then China can cut months if not years off your time to market. It can also save tens of thousands of euros on development costs.

Existing Businesses

Do you have an existing businesses that you would like to expand, diversify or change direction with. 

Big Idea Consulting can offer a suite of services to make sure that your plan is the right one and that it is achievable. We do the groundwork whether thats research or implementation, you choose.

Talk to us today to discuss your idea !